Crafts Collection 17

Have more – own less
Exquisite craftsmanship, a focus on details, thorough knowledge of materials and
the high level of quality from the Danish design tradition are the characteristics of
the new Danish Crafts Collection CC17. The collection debuts at Maison & Objet in
Paris from 6 through 10 September 2013 at Now Design à Vivre.

– “Have more – own less” seems to be the new motto, which implies a paradigm shift in
our attitude to consumption that makes the quality of craft even more relevant today, says
Danish Crafts’ curator Nina Tolstrup.

– In a globalized world where everything has been streamlined for mass production
products have become more and more homogenous. When we travel and visit the leading
cities in the world, we are confronted with familiar global brands. In this perspective locally
produced products with provenance and heritage, created by makers, using unique skills
and techniques are being appreciated and re-valued with a new perspective of
understanding the reality of globalization, Nina Tolstrup continues.

The new Danish Crafts Collection CC17, offers exactly these unique qualities. But the
collection also offers a constant curiosity and exploration of materials that have the
capacity to inspire new and better design products.

– Craft is all about the sense of and sensibility to detail. An understanding of the properties
of materials and their possibilities. We see these attributes that craft brings affecting stateof-
the art methods in design, and vice versa. Not as separate disciplines but together, they
explore new avenues, says Nina Tolstrup.
Photos by Jule Hering