Avant Garden exhibition

Meyer-Lavigne is part of the art and design group, avantGarden, which consist of six artists and designers from Denmark.

The groups’ ambiguous name (the historical avant-gardes’ role as an artistic forerunner and the accentuated second part of the word using a capital G) was inspirational, when in 2009 the group jointly created an exhibition in Lynfabrikkens exhibition room, Box, which centred the focus on the gardens free growing plants and natures wilderness.

For this exhibition Meyer-Lavigne created a gigantic rug, 4m x 7m, based upon a meticulous paper cutting. This covered both one of the walls and the floor as a complete installation. The tactile surface of the rug mirrored the soft moss and forest floor. It is a woven image of a forest world inspired by fairy tales and fables inhabited by unicorns, lions with flowering mouths and wild growing rambles.

Meyer-Lavigne also created a series of handmade ceramic animals which as inhabitants of the forest world were placed around the room. This meant that the visitors were met by, amongst other animals; a masked rabbit and an owl adorned with stars, decorated by hand using ceramic transfers and painted with oxides.