Rainy Days

Rainy Days, Happy Days & Winter Days is Meyer-Lavignes own series of porcelain vases, that continuously develop with new components in the decorations and stories which the illustrative universe generates.
The simple, timeless cylinder shaped vases are the base of a world of imaginative and narrative confusion of hand cut transfers. It began with the Rainy Days’ black and white take of Nordic rainy days, with heavy grey clouds, stormy seas with rough waves and small, lonely fishing boats. This rainy-poetic and slightly melancholic feeling was through Happy Days complimented by very different and colourful tales of birdsong, the hot air balloon's light journeys across the sky, images of small creatures' carefree existence depicted in pipe smoking snails on walks, butterfly's whirr of wings as colourful explosions and a passing promesse de bonheur. And finally the arrival of Winter Days as a clear, icy breeze from the cold Antarctic with loved up polar bears, silver birches, flickering northern lights over the icy sea and snow hares in clear arctic nights.

The poetic universes created by the vases, have individual cross references and through this Meyer-Lavigne create a continuous and endless tale where the individual figures and elements are able to reappear and exchange loving greetings. Endless tales that give the individual the opportunity to imagine and create their own unique fairytale.

The vases are all hand decorated by Meyer- Lavigne and are only sold through their own online shop.