Flower me happy pots

The Flower me happy family are vases and flower pots. They all have different personalities, and their expression and hairdo change with the particular plant they are hosting. Meyer-Lavigne cast the unique vases and flower pots in porcelain and then decorate them with hand-drawn motifs.

The small family is intended as a celebration of nature and an appreciation of life. Their presence should remind us to be present in the moment and appreciate everyday life. The persistent elements in these products as in Meyer-Lavigne’s other designs are the story that is related through the works and the love of unique and personal qualities.

Karl, Mr. Clown, Esmaralda, Henrietta, Alba, Kiki, Sofia, Alfonso, Lotta and Frede are the names of the Flower me happy pots.

The Flower me happy pots were a part of Danish Crafts Collection CC16, 2012.