Yippie Yi Yay

Yippie Yi Yay is a series of small stories on dishes. The dishes are decorated reused plates. The decorations are ceramic transfers featuring hand-cut and hand-drawn motifs. The old plates tell their own stories about other ages and past dinners. Each dish acquires an added story through Meyer Lavigne’s decorations.
The new stories spring from a cowboy universe and each dish comes with a little story about the character on the dish. To Meyer-Lavigne it is important to offer products that have a clear personal story to tell, and which are keen to offer the consumer a little slice of their universe, and they hope that the consumer will grasp the underlying care, joy and humor.

Sustainable thinking – up cycling, recycling, reuse and social and local engagement– has been a central criterion for Crafts Collection 14. Bringing together what the world has learned about resourcefulness in a way that is relevant to modern life. The collection presents a diverse range of craftspeople and designers. Their projects are anchored in local traditions and experience, and the products are infused with the skillfulness of experienced hands and a feel for form, aesthetics and storytelling. The results are relevant and meaningful products that matter for the maker and make sense for the user.

Yippie Yi Yay were a part of Danish Crafts Collection CC14, 2010.