Dream saver

The series consists of three savings boxes named Panda, Kawaii and Dreamer. The boxes are cast in porcelain and decorated with hand-drawn ceramic transfers and hand-painted elements. The savings boxes are an extension of the hand-pinched Need More – Think Twice Creatures from Danish Crafts Collection CC15.

Panda, Kawaii and Dreamer are personal, expressive and full of ‘Kawaii’ – a Japanese concept that might best be described as ‘Cute Factor’. The term describes a contemporary tendency to emphasize soft forms over angular ones and sweet and innocent features over glamour and cool. Unlike beauty, which evokes admiration and adoration, Kawaii evokes feelings of love and caring.

Dream Saver is a series of savings boxes as well as a decorative statement. In the midst of a recession with lots of worries, Meyer-Lavigne sends us a loving reminder to remain optimistic and to hold on to our hopes and dreams. Dream Saver aims to make us want to save up for our most dearly held dreams. The savings boxes are of the old-fashioned kind: They only have one opening for putting money in – and for extracting it. Thus, it takes some effort to get the money out, just as it often takes an effort to achieve one’s dreams and goals.

The Dream savers were a part of Danish Crafts Collection CC17, 2013.